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History of Psychology Course

Course: Dr. Peter Smith. History and Systems of Psychology.
Normally taught in the 2nd Trimester at MUIC.
Text: Morton Hunt. The Story of Psychology. 2nd ed. (New York: Anchor Books, 2007).
All students are required to read the relevant chapter of the book to prepare for each class. Review questions are available for enrolled students.
The course is divided into 2 sections:
I. Philosophical ‘pre-scientific’ psychology.
1. The ancient Greeks.
2. The Hellenistic and Roman periods and the Roman Catholic tradition.
3. 17th & 18th C European philosophers.
II. The establishment of modern ‘scientific’ psychology.
4. The ‘physicalists’.*
5. Wilhelm Wundt.*
6. William James.*
7. Sigmund Freud.
8. Quantitative approaches (Galton, Binet, etc.).*
9. The Behaviorists.
10. The Gestaltists.*

[NB. At present video introductions are available for all the starred modules].
MUIC students may take this course as either part of their Psychology Minor [required] or Certificate, or as a Free Elective. Social Science Majors (IS/MWH concentrations) may take this course as part of their theory requirement.

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