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Babism: Some Iranica articles

Some articles on Babism from the Encyclopedia Iranica:

1. Babism:

2. The Bab:

The term ‘bab’:

3. Bayan:

4. Chihriq:

5. Some individuals:

5A. Muhammad-Taqi Baraghani:

5B. Mulla ‘Ali Bestami:

5C. Muhammad-Ali Barfurushi (Quddus):



5D. Mulla Husayn Bushru’i:

5E. Sayyed Yahya Darabi (Vahid):

6. Babi martyrs:

7. Women in Babism:

8. Badasht:

9. Azali Babism:

9A. Aqa Khan Kermani:

9B. Sayyed Yahya Dawlatabadi:

10. Nuqtatu’l-Kaf:

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