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‘Abdu’l-Baha: Egypt and the Journeys to the West, 1910-1913: An Itinerary

From: A Concise Encyclopedia of the Baha’i Faith, by Peter Smith (Oxford: Oneworld, 2000). In article on ‘Abdu’l-Baha: ‘Abdu’l-Baha: Egypt and the Journeys to the West, p.17


 I. Egypt:

1910    Leaves Haifa, ? Aug.

Port Said

Alexandria (Ramlih), -11 Aug. 1911

II. The First Visit to Europe:

1911    London, 4 Sept.-23 Sept

Bristol, 23-25 Sept.

London, 25 Sept.-3 Oct.

Paris, 3 Oct.-2 Dec.

-Returns to Egypt

III. North America:

A. The East Coast & Canada:

1912    Leaves Alexandria, March 25

New York, 11-20 April

Washington, D.C., 20-28 April

Chicago, 29 April-6 May

Cleveland, Ohio, 6-7 May

Pittsburgh, 7-8 May

Washington, D.C., 8-11 May

New York, 11-14 May (Montclair, N.J., 12 May)

Lake Mohonk, N.Y., 14-16 May

New York, 16-22 May

Boston, 22-26 May (Worcester, Mass., 23 May)

New York, 26-31 May

Fanwood, N.J., 31 May-1 June

New York, 1-3 June

Milford, Pa., 3 June

New York, 4-8 June

Philadelphia, 8-10 June

New York, 10-20 June

Montclair, N.J., 20-25 June

New York, 25-29 June

West Englewood, N.J., 29-30 June

Morristown, N.J., 30 June

New York, 30 June-23 July (West Englewood, N.J., 14 July)

Boston, 23-24 July

Dublin, N.H., 24 July-16 Aug.

Greenacre, nr Eliot, Maine, 16-23 Aug.

Malden, Mass., 23-29 Aug.

Montreal, Quebec, 30 Aug.-9 Sept.

Buffalo, N.Y., 9-12 Sept.

B. The Mid-West

Chicago, 12-15 Sept.

Kenosha, Wisc., 15-16 Sept.

Chicago, 16 Sept.

Minneapolis, 16-21 Sept.

C. The West:

Omaha, Nebr., 21 Sept.

Lincoln, Nebr., 23 Sept.

Denver, Colo., 24-27 Sept.

Glenwood Springs, Colo., 28 Sept.

Salt Lake City, Utah, 29-30 Sept.

San Francisco, 1-13 Oct.

Pleasanton, Cal., 13-16 Oct.

San Francisco, 16-18 Oct.

Los Angeles, 18-21 Oct.

San Francisco, 21-25 Oct.

Denver, 28-29 Oct.

D. Back to the East:

Chicago, 31 Oct.-3 Nov.

Cincinnati, Ohio, 5-6 Nov.

Washington, D.C., 6-11 Nov.

Baltimore, 11 Nov.

Philadelphia, 11 Nov.

New York, 12 Nov.-5 Dec.

IV. The Second Visit to Europe:

A. Britain

Liverpool, England, 13-16 Dec.

London, 16 Dec.-6 Jan. 1913 (Oxford, 31 Dec.)

1913    Edinburgh, 6-11 Jan.

London, 11-15 Jan.

Bristol, 15-16 Jan.

London, 16-21 Jan. (Woking, 18 Jan.)

B. Continental Europe:

Paris, 22 Jan.-30 March

Stuttgart, 1-9 April (Bad Mergentheim, 7-8 April)

Vienna, 8 April

Budapest, 9-19 April

Vienna, 19-24 April

Stuttgart, 25 April-1 May

Paris, 2 May-12 June

Marseilles, 12-13 June

V. Egypt Again:

Port Said, 17 June-11 July

Isma’iliyyah, 11-17 July

Alexandria (Ramlih), 17 July-2 Dec.

Returns to Haifa, 5 Dec.

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