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A Concise Encyclopedia of the Baha’i Faith

Peter Smith. A Concise Encyclopedia of the Baha’i Faith. Oxford: Oneworld, 2000. ISBN: 9781851681846


This is the list of entries for my Concise Encyclopedia in its original form from my computer — so there may be a few minor differences from the final published ‘Thematic Index’. In copying it, all of the accents have disappeared so nearly all of the strange squiggles in the Arabic and Persian names listed here represent long ‘a’s or long ‘i’s. Check the Encyclopedia for the correct forms. The @ which you will sometimes see after a letter indicates that the letter is aspirated and in full transliteration appears with a dot under it.

I. The Principal Figures and Periods of Babi-Baha’i History.

II. Aspects of Baha’i belief and practice

III. People and places

I. The Principal Figures and Periods of Babi-Baha’i History.




Shoghi Effendi

The custodianship of the Hands

The Universal House of Justice



*Bแb, the

*Bแb, the, Family of

Bแb, the, House of. See SHอRมZ.

Bแb, the, Shrine of. See SHRINE OF THE BมB.

*Bแb, the, Writings of

*Babi radicalism


*Black Standard

Dal‘il-i-sab`ih. See SEVEN PROOFS.

*Dawn-Breakers, The

*Letters of the Living

Nabํl’s Narrative. See DAWN-BREAKERS.

*Names, Book of (Kitbu’l-asm)


*Seven Proofs



`Ahd, Kitb-i-. See COVENANT, BOOK OF THE

*Ah@mad, Tablets of

*“All Food”, Tablet of

*Aqdas, Kitb-i-

*Aqdas, Lawh@-i-

As@l-i-Kullu’l-Khayr. See WORDS OF WISDOM


Bahแ’u’llแh, Houses of, in Baghdad. See BAGHDAD: HOUSE OF BAHม’U’LLมH.

Bahแ’u’llแh, Shrine of. See BAHJอ.

*Bahแ’u’llแh, Writings of


*Branch, Tablet of the

*Burhn, Lawh@-i-

*Carmel, Tablet of

*Commentary on the Sra of the Sun

*Covenant, Book of the

*Epistle to the Son of the Wolf

*Four Valleys

*Hidden Words                      

*H@ikmat, Lawh@-i- (Tablet of Wisdom)

*qn, Kitb-i- (Book of Certitude)


*Kings, Sra of the

*Kullu’t@-t@a`m, Lawh@-i. See Tablet of ‘ALL FOOD’.


*Maqs@d, Lawh@-i-

*Medicine, Tablet of (Lawh@-i-T@ibb)

*N๚rํ family

*Ode of the Dove

Qas@da al-Warq‘iyyih, al-. See ODE OF THE DOVE

*Ra’ํs, Tablets of


*Seven Valleys (Haft Vd)

*Sult@n, Lawh@-i-

*Tajallyat (Effulgences)

*T@arzt (Ornaments)

*Vaf, Sriy-i- (Tablet of Vaf)

*visitation, tablets of

Wisdom, Tablet of. See H@IKMAT, Lawh@-i-.

*Words of Paradise (Kalimt-i-Firdawsiyyih)

*Words of Wisdom (As@l-i-Kullu’l-Khayr)

*World, Tablet of the (Lawh@-i-Duny)



*`Abdu’l-Bahแ’s writings and talks

*Commentary on ‘I was a hidden treasure’

*Hague, Tablet to the

*Memorials of the Faithful

*One Thousand Verses, Tablet of

*Politics, Treatise on

Siysiyyih, Risliy-i-. See POLITICS, Treatise on.

*Secret of Divine Civilization

*Some Answered Questions

*Tablets of the Divine Plan, The

*Traveler’s Narrative, A

*Will and Testament of `Abdu’l-Bah

Shoghi Effendi

*Advent of Divine Justice, The

*Dispensation of Bah‘u’llh

*God Passes By


*Promised Day is Come, The

*Shoghi Effendi Rabbแnํ

*Shoghi Effendi, Writings of

*World Order of Bah‘u’llh

The custodianship of the Hands


*Hands of the Cause of God

The Universal House of Justice

*Promise of World Peace, The

*Universal House of Justice

*Universal House of Justice, Constitution of

*Universal House of Justice, the, Writings of

II. Aspects of Baha’i belief and practice.

Administration and community life

The arts

The Baha’i Faith and other religions

The Covenant

Doctrines and religious teachings

Expansion and “teaching”


Practice and law

Social teachings

Administration and community life


*administrative rights






*Auxiliary Boards

*Ayym-i-H (Intercalary Days)

*Baha’i International Community (BIC)

*Bahai Temple Unity

*business and professional organizations




*conferences and congresses, international




*Continental Board of Counsellors



*family life


*feast, nineteen day

finances, Baha’i. See FUNDS; H@UQQU’LLH; ZAKT.





*holy days

*holy years

*honorific titles

*houses of justice





intercalary days. See AYYมM-I-Hม.

*International Baha’i Bureau

*International Baha’i Council

*International Teaching Centre

*”learned”, the

local spiritual assemblies. See ASSEMBLIES.


*maturity, age of



national spiritual assemblies. See ASSEMBLIES.

*Naw R๚z

nineteen day feast. See FEAST.

*organization. See ADMINISTRATION.

*regional Baha’i councils



*”summer schools”

*unity feast

*Universal House of Justice


The arts




*cinema and film


*drama and dance




The Baha’i Faith and other religions



*Baha’i Faith and other religions





*Chinese religion

Christ. See JESUS.


clergy. See PRIESTHOOD.

*confession of sins



*holy war


*H@usayn (Imแm)


*Indian religions

*indigenous religions

*interfaith dialogue



*Judaism, Jews


membership in other religious organizations. See BAHA’I FAITH AND OTHER RELIGIONS #2.








*religious diversity

*religious leaders

religious tolerance. See TOLERANCE.







*World Parliament of Religions

World Religion Day. See INTERFAITH DIALOGUE.


The Covenant




*Remeyite groups and organizations

Doctrines and religious teachings

*action and merit

ages (of the Baha’i Era). See TIME.






*Baha’i Faith

*”Baha’i principles”


*”Central Figures”



*death and the afterlife


devil. See EVIL; SATAN.


*divine judgement


*dreams and visions






*evil spirits





*free will


*golden rule

*greatest name

*health and healing

*heaven and hell

*He whom God shall make manifest

*human life, purpose of

*human nature

*independent investigation of truth



intercession. See DEATH 3







*Maid of Heaven

*Manifestation of God

Man-yuz@hiruhu’llh. See HE WHOM GOD SHALL MAKE MANIFEST.











predestination. See FATE.

principles, Baha’i. See “BAHA’I PRINCIPLES”.

*progressive revelation



*psychic powers




*religion and science





*reward and punishment








Seven Candles of Unity. See WORLD UNITY.






truth, independent investigation of. See INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATION OF TRUTH.

Unity, Seven Candles of. See WORLD UNITY.




*Word of God

Expansion and “teaching”




*development of the Faith. See BAHA’I FAITH 4.


*Knights of Bahแ’u’llแh




*pioneers, pioneering



*public recognition


*radio, radio stations

*rulers, proclamation to the


*Ten Year Crusade

World Crusade. See TEN-YEAR PLAN.


*`Abdu’l-Bahแ’s writings and talks

*Bแb, the, Writings of

*Bahแ’u’llแh, Writings of

*canonical texts





*”pilgrims’ notes”




*Shoghi Effendi, Writings of





*Universal House of Justice, the, Writings of

*Word of God

Practice and law



*adultery and fornication



*artificial fertilization




*birth control






*confession of sins

contraception. See BIRTH CONTROL.









*fear of God


*government, Baha’i attitude towards




*”living the life”


*military service, pacificism











*secret societies


*service to humanity


*slave trade, slavery


*spiritual path

*spiritual qualities








*World Peace Day


*zakt (tithes)

Social teachings



*Baha’i International Community (BIC)

*Baha’i-UNIFEM project

*Baha’i Vocational Institute for Rural Women, Indore




*crime and punishment

development, social and economic. See SOCIOECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT.

*economic teachings




gender equality. See WOMEN 1.


*human race

*human rights

*indigenous peoples


*kings, kingship


League of Nations. See UNITED NATIONS.




*newspapers and journalism

*nuclear power


*Prosperity of Humankind, The



*slave trade, slavery

*social evolution

*social order

*socio-economic development


*United Nations, League of Nations




*West, the



World Commonwealth, Baha’i. See WORLD ORDER.

world government. See WORLD ORDER.

world language. See LANGUAGE.

*World Order

*world unity

III. People and places.


Baha’i holy places and other places of significance


*`Abbแs N๚rํ, Mํrzแ Buzurg

*`Abb๚d, Ilyแs

*`Abduh, Shaykh Muh@ammad

*Abdulaziz (`Abdu’l-`Azํz), Sultan

*Abdulhamit II (`Abdu’l-Hamํd), Sultan

*`Abdu’llแh Pแshแ

*Abu’l-Fad@l Gulpแygแnํ, Mํrzแ Muh@ammad

*Adํb, Mํrzแ (Muh@ammad-)H@asan

Afghแnํ, al-. See JAMมLU’D-DอN, Sayyid.



*Ah@mad al-Ah@sแ’ํ, Shaykh

*มkh๚nd, H@แjํ

*`Alแ’ํ, Shu`แ`u’llแh

*Alexander, Agnes Baldwin

*Alexander II, Tsar

*`Alํ, H@แjํ Mํrzแ Sayyid (Uncle of the Bแb)

*`Alํ Bast@แmํ, Mullแ

*Ali-Kuli Khan

*ยli Pa_a, Mehmet Emin (`Alํ Pแshแ)

`Alํ Turshํzํ, Mullแ Shaykh. See AZ@อM.

*Amํn, H@แjํ

*Amํr Kabํr, Mํrzแ Taqํ Khแn


*Apostles of Bahแ’u’llแh

*มqแ Jแn Kแshแnํ, Mํrzแ

*มqแsํ, Hแjํ Mํrzแ

*Armstrong, Leonora Stirling (n้e Holsapple)

Asadu’llแh Khu’ํ, Mullแ. See DAYYมN.


*Augur, George and Ruth

*มvแrih, Mํrzแ `Abdu’l-H@usayn Taftํ

*Azal, S@ubh@-i-

*Az@ํm (“Great”), Mullแ Shaykh `Alํ Turshํzํ

*Badํ`, มqแ Buzurg Khurแsแnํ

*Bagdadi, Zia “Mabsut”

*Bahiyyih Khแnum

*Baker, Dorothy

*Baker, Richard St. Barbe

*Balyuzi, Hasan M.

*Banani, Musa*Bแrfur๚sh

Bแrfur๚shํ, Mullแ Muh@ammad-`Alํ. See QUDDฺS.

Bast@แmํ, Mullแ `Alํ. See `ALอ BAST@มMอ.

*Bausani, Alesandro

*Benke, George

*Blomfield, Sara Louisa Lady

*Bourgeois, (J-B) Louis

*Brauns, Artur and Marta

*Breakwell, Thomas

*Brittingham, Isabella D.

*Browne, Edward Granville

Bush๚’ํ, Mullแ H@usayn. See H@USAYN BUSHRฺ’อ, Mullแ.

Buzurg, Mํrzแ. See `ABBมS N๚rํ.

*Chase, Thornton

*Cheyne, Thomas K.

*Collins, Amelia E.


*Dayyแn (“Judge”), Mullแ Asadu’llแh Khu’ํ


*Disciples of `Abdu’l-Bahแ

*Dodge, Arthur P.

*Dolgorukov, Prince Dmitri Ivanovitch

*Dreyfus-Barney, Hippolyte

*Dreyfus-Barney, Laura

*Dunn, Clara

*Dunn, John Hyde

*Esslemont, John E.

*Fแd@il (Fazel) Mแzandarแnํ, Mํrzแ Asadu’llแh

*Faizํ, Abu’l-Qแsim

*Farmer, Sarah

*Featherstone, Collis

*Ferraby, John

*Forel, August

*Fozdar, Shirin

*Franz-Joseph, Hapsbourg Emperor of Austria-Hungary

*Fuat Pa_a (Fu`แd Pแshแ)

*Fur๚ghํ, Mํrzแ Mah@m๚d

*Fur๚tan, Alํ-Akbar

*Getsinger, Edward and Louisa (“Lua”)

*Giachery, Ugo

*Gillespe, Dizzy

*Gobineau, Comte de

*Goodall, Helen S.

*Greenleaf, Charles and Elizabeth

*Gregory, Louis C.

*Grinevskaia, Izabella

*Grossman, Hermann

*Hแdํ Dawlatแbแdํ, Mํrzแ

*Hands of the Cause of God

*Haney, Paul E.

*Hannen, Joseph and Pauline

*H@aydar-`Alํ Isfahแnํ, Hแjํ Mํrzแ

*Hayden, Robert E.

*Hearst, Pheobe

*Hoar, William H.

*Holley, Horace

*Hujjat (Zanjแnํ)

*H@usayn Bush๚’ํ, Mullแ

*H@usayn Khแn, Mํrzแ, Mushru’d-dawlih



*Imbrie, Robert

*Ioas, Leroy

*Isf@ahแnํ, Muh@ammad-Taqํ

*Ishrแq-Khแvarํ, `Abdu’l-H@amํd

*Ives, Howard Colby

*Jack, Marion

*Jamแl Bur๚jirdํ

*Jamแl Effendi

*Jamแlu’d-dํn, Sayyid, “al-Afghแnํ”

*Kappes, Lillian

*Karํm Khแn Kirmแnํ, H@แjํ (Muh@ammad-)

*Kแzim Rashtํ, Sayyid

*Khadem, Zikrullah

*Khadํjih Bagum

*Khadํjih Khแnum

Khadimu’llแh. See มQม JมN.

*Khammแr, `ฺdํ

*Khแzeh, Jalแl

*Kheiralla, Ibrahim George

*King and Beloved of Martyrs

*Knights of Bahแ’u’llแh

*Knobloch, Alma and Fanny

*Leach, Bernard

*MacNutt, Howard

*Man๚chihr Khแn

*Marie, Queen of Rumania

*Maxwell, May Ellis

*Maxwell, William Sutherland

*Mihdํ, Mํrzแ

*Mihdํ Dahajํ, Sayyid

*Mills, Montfort


*Moody, Susan

*Muhแjir, Rah@matu’llแh

*Muh@ammad, H@แjํ Mํrzแ Sayyid

*Muh@ammad-`Alํ, Mํrzแ

Muh@ammad-`Alํ Bแrfur๚shํ, Mullแ. See QUDDฺS.

*Muh@ammad-`Alํ Qแ’inํ, Shaykh

Muh@ammad-`Alํ Zanjแnํ, Mullแ. See H@UJJAT.

*Muh@ammad-`Alํ Zun๚zํ, “Anํs”

Muh@ammad-Bแqir Isfahแnํ, Shaykh. See “WOLF”.

*Muh@ammad Isfahแnํ, Sayyid

*Muh@ammad Mus@t@afแ al-Baghdแdํ

*Muh@ammad-Qulํ, Mํrzแ

*(Muh@ammad-)Rid@แ Muh@ammad-มbแdํ, Mullแ

*Muh@ammad Shแh

*Muh@ammad ash-Shibl, Shaykh

*Muh@ammad-Taqํ, H@แjํ Mํrzแ, Vaklu’d-dawlih

*Muh@ammad-Taqํ Baraghแnํ, H@แjํ Mullแ

Muh@ammad-Taqํ Isfahแnํ, Shaykh, มqแ Najafํ. The “Son of the Wolf”. See “WOLF”.

Muh@ammad Zarandํ, Mullแ. See NABอL-I-A`Z@AM.

*Muhlschlegal, Adelbert

*Munํrih Khแnum

*Musแ, Mํrzแ



*Napoleon III, French Emperor

*Nแs@iri’d-dํn Shแh


*Nicolas, A.L.M.

*N๚rํ family

*Olinga, Enoch

*Parsons, Agnes

*Pius IX, Pope

Purest Branch. See MIHDอ, Mํrzแ.

*Qassabchi, Haji Mahmud


Qurratu’l-`Ayn. See T@มHIRIH.

*Randall, William Henry (“Harry”)

*Ransom-Kehler, Keith

Rashtํ, Sayyid Kแz@im. See KมZ@IM RASHTอ.

*Remey, Charles Mason

*Robarts, John

*Root, Martha

*Rosen, Baron Victor

*Rosenberg, Ethel

*Ruh@ํ Afnแn

*R๚h@iyyih Khแnum, Amatu’l-Bahแ

*Rumi, Siyyid Mustafa

*Sa`d, Abdu’l-Jalil Bey

*S@แdiq Khurแsแnํ, Mullแ

*Salmแn, Shaykh

*Samandar, Shaykh Kแz@im

*Samandarํ, T@arแzu’llแh

*Schopflocher, Siegfried

*Schwarz, (Consul) Albert and Alice

*Sears, William

*Seven Martyrs of Tehran

*Sharpe, Adelaide

*Shํrแzํ, Mํrzแ-yi

*Singh, Pritam

*Sohrab, Ahmad

S@ubh@-i-Azal. See AZAL, S@ubh@-i-.

Sulaymแn Khแn Tunukแbunํ. See JAMมL EFFENDI.

*T@แhirih, Qurratu’l-`Ayn

*Tanumafili II, Malietoa

*Thatcher, Chester I.

*Thompson, Juliet

*Thornburgh-Cropper, Mary Virginia

*Tobey, Mark

*Tolstoy, Leo

*Townshend, George

*True, Corinne K.

*Tudor-Pole, Major Wellesley

*Tumanski, Alexander

*Turner, Robert


*Vakil, Narayenrao

*Varqแ, `Alํ-Muhammad

*Varqแ (“Dove”), Mํrzแ `Alํ-Muh@ammad

*Varqแ, Valํyu’llแh

*Victoria, Queen

*Vieira, Eduardo Duarte

*White, Ruth

*Wilhelm, Roy

*Wilhelm I, Kaiser

*”Wolf”, the, and “the Son of the Wolf”

Yah@yแ, Mํrzแ. See AZAL.

Yah@yแ Darแbํ, Sayyid. See VAH@อD.

*Yamamoto, Kanichi

*Zamenhof, Lidia

*Zaynu’l-Muqarrabํn, Mullแ Zaynu’l-`มbidํn


Baha’i holy places and other places of significance

Adrianople. See EDIRNE.


*Americas, the

*Arc, buildings of the

*Ashkhabad (`Ishqแbแd)



*Baghdad, House of Bahแ’u’llแh

*Baha’i World Centre



*Carmel, Mount

Centre for the Study of the Texts. See ARC.


Constantinople. See ISTANBUL.

*Edirne (Adrianople)


*Green Acre


House of Bahแ’u’llแh in Baghdad. See BAGHDAD: HOUSE OF BAHม’U’LLมH.

House of the Bแb in Shํrแz. See SHอRมZ: HOUSE OF THE BมB.

House of Worship. See MASHRIQU’L-ADHKมR.

*International Archives

*International Baha’i Library




*Istanbul (Constantinople)








*Shํrแz: the House of the Bแb

*shrines and holy places

*Shrine of the Bแb

Shrine of Bahแ’u’llแh. See BAHJอ.


*T@abarsํ, Shaykh


*Tehran (Tihrแn)

temple, Baha’i. See MASHRIQU’L-ADHKR.



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