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Educational Videos (and the Shadow of MOOCs)

1. The rise of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) represents a major challenge to traditional approaches to higher education. Whether or not they are useful and successful remains a matter of controversy, but it is clear that they have already had a massive impact on the availability of online videos from elite universities. There are links to some of these here:

2. With my own interests being primarily in History and Social Theory, I have found the Yale videos particularly interesting. See:

3. Also worth mentioning at a more popular level are the Crash Course series by John and Hank Green — two brother enthusiasts for online education who also produce frequent video-blogs. The series so far include videos on American and World History by John Green and Biology, Ecology and Chemistry by Hank Green. Hank also produces a series on Science stories and news called SciShow. Their videos are short and entertaining, but often thoughtful and challenging. The links are here:

4. At a mostly school level, there is also the now-famous Khan Academy:

5. I will also mention my own You-tube channel (at present mostly with videos on History of Psychology and Social Thought and recent World History. See:

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