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Peter Smith: Taught Courses

A. Courses I presently teach at MUIC:

1. Paradigms in the Social Science I (A History of Social and Political Thought up to the late 19th Century).

2. History and Systems of Psychology. [NB. Lecture summaries of many lectures available on You-tube (below)].

3. World History C, c.1900-1945.

B. Upper-level courses I have previously taught at MUIC:

1. Social Institutions.

2. Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing.

3. World History A, c.1450-c.1763.

4. World History B, c.1763-1914.

C. Introductory courses I have previously taught at MUIC:

1. Introduction to Psychology.

2. Introduction to Sociology.

3. Introduction to Physical Anthropology.

D. Online course I co-teach at the Wilmette Institute:

1. Understanding Baha’i History.

There are individual supporting videos for several of these courses (see my You-tube site for details), but so far only the History of Psychology course has a substantial number.

You-tube site:

History of Psychology videos:


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