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Some Psychological Experiments on Conditioning, Obedience, Conformity and Racism

Some Psychological experiments and studies on conditioning, obedience, conformity and racism. (Many thanks to Dan Williams for the links on The Wave and Scared Straight). I have included both classical psychological experiments — several of which would no longer be allowed because of their ethical implications, and classroom and prison studies. These are video intros. Read up on each of these experiments and studies elsewhere for more details.

1. Watson’s conditioning experiment on ‘Little Albert’:

2A. A recreation of Milgram’s authority experiment:

2B. Zimbardo’s description of the Milgram experiment:

3. Asch’s conformity experiment:

4. The Stanford prison experiment:

5. Induced racism in the classroom (Jane Elliott’s ‘brown eyes, blue eyes’l experiment):

6. Movie recreation of Ron Jones experimental recreation of Nazi Germany in a classroom (‘The Wave’):

7. ‘Scared Straight’. What will be the impact on young offenders of being confronted by hardened prisoners?

8. Zimbardo on the ‘Lucifer Effect’:

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