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Conflict Over History: Religion, Politics and Identity

One aspect of the study of History is that historical disputes are often fulled by questions of contemporary identity, religion and politics. I need to write a proper account of this when I have time, but for the moment let me just provide these links — I have seen a number of articles this week on this theme.


1. The continuing tensions between China and Japan over the recent past:

2. Arguments in India about accounts of Hinduism and Medieval History:

Doniger’s book on Hinduism:

Dalrymple on ‘The war over history’:

3. The Old Testament and the Land of Israel:

One comment on “Conflict Over History: Religion, Politics and Identity

  1. petussing
    February 15, 2014

    This is a historiographical question, and I don’t think it was even possible to address it properly until the 20th century, based on the tools of post-Modernism (regardless of how we may think of that approach to history otherwise). I am not a historian, so I of course defer to you on that question, but I for one would be interested to see a reference here to one or two of the fundamental texts of the post-Modernist analysis of history applicable in this context.

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