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Improving Online Teaching

A short post byMichelle Moravec on her impressions after taking a MOOC in corpus linguistics, and giving her suggestions for improving online teaching in general. She notes the very high non-completion rates with MOOCs and assumes that some of these ideas will improve completion rates:

1. Students need to be aware that they may spend far more time going through the online materials than expected and as in a regular class carefully monitor their time.

2. MOOC providers should create guideline materials to help students quickly overview the topics and prioritize learning materials.

3. Students should be encouraged to work together with others and MOOC providers should provide a variety of online forums to facilitate this.

4. Students need to be given careful guidance as to how to proceed with the assigned work, and areas of particular difficulty and links to previous material need to be highlighted.

5. Additional supplementary materials should be provided for the enthusiastic students.


The whole article can be read here:

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