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Standardized Testing

Standardized testing remains an extremely controversial topic amongst educationalists, with supporters and opponents of standardized tests such as SAT sharply divided. A recent Slate article by psychologists  and  (‘Yes, IQ Really Matters’) enters the fray on the side of the supporters charging that opponents disregard relevant studies that do not support their beliefs. Briefly:

1. There is a lot of research evidence that the traditional SAT scores are highly predictive of future academic success.

2. There is a correlation between socio-economic status and success in SAT but it is relatively weak, and many low-income students excel at SAT (which of course may make it easier for them to secure scholarships). The relation between high SAT scores and academic success is independent of socio-economic status.

3. SAT scores correlate highly with IQ test scores and IQ scores are also highly predictive of future success in life.

4. A major factor in academic success is the quality of self-control, conscientiousness and dependability (‘grit’ — i.e. Lisa rather than Bart Simpson).

The full article is here:

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