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3 Good Books on the History of Madness and Psychiatry

I have just read 3 good books on the history of Madness and of Psychiatry. All 3 are very short and all 3 are are worth reading — they effectively complement each other. All are published by Oxford. I would suggest the following reading order:

1. Andrew Scull. Madness: A Very Short Introduction. OUP, 2011. The best overview of the 3.

2. Roy Porter. Madness: A Brief History. OUP, 2002. Like all of Porter’s work a pleasure to read and filled with anecdotes and illuminating comments.

3. Tom Burns. Psychiatry: A Very Short Introduction. OUP, 2006.

All 3 books could have been improved by the inclusion of a few more dates and ideally a chronology.

Madness: A Very Short Introduction


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