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Top 26 World Universities by Combined Rank, 2013

The 3 most widely-cited international ranking systems for world universities are (i) the ‘Academic Ranking of World Universities’ (often referred to as the Shanghai Ranking); (ii) the QS-Ranking produced by the educational advisory company Quacquarelli Symonds; and (iii) the THE-ranking developed by the Times Higher Education in cooperation with the information company Thomson Reuters. If we combine the ‘Top 20’ from each of these ranking systems for 2013, we get a composite list of 28 universities. The rank order of these combined lists is as follows:

1. Harvard
2. MIT
3. Stanford
4. Cambridge [UK]
5. CIT (Caltech)
6. Oxford [UK]
7. Princeton
8. Chicago
9. Yale
10. Columbia
11. UC Berkeley
12. Imperial [UK]
13. Pennsylvania
14. ETH Zurich [Sw]
14. UCL [UK]
16. Cornell
17. Johns Hopkins
18. Michigan
19. UCLA
20. Toronto [Can]
21. Duke
22. Wisconsin – Madison
23. Washington
24. Edinburgh [UK]
25. UC San Diego
26. KCL [UK]

Two specialist institutions which are only listed in the Top 100 of some of the ranking systems.
27. EPFL Lausanne [Sw]
28. UC San Francisco

NB. All universities in the USA unless otherwise marked.

Totals for the Top 26 by country:
USA 18
UK 6
Canada 1
Switzerland 1

For more details see:




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