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I often see Facebook cards which distinguish between a ‘boss’ and a ‘leader’ – with the leader being portrayed as someone who inspires and helps those who work for him/her, whilst the ‘boss’ merely terrorizes them. I don’t know what the origin of this distinction is, but came across these two examples.

1.The first from Elite Daily: ‘7 Characteristics That Separate A Boss From A Leader

  1. Leaders lead rather than rule.
  2. Leaders listen and speak rather than command.
  3. Leaders motivate rather than terrify.
  4. Leaders teach and learn from their colleagues rather than expect obedience and ignore them.
  5. Leaders take part rather than stay aside. They are part of a team.
  6. Leaders reprimand rather than scold or shout. Criticism should constructive and not humiliate others.
  7. Leaders establish equal relationships. No favourites! Treat everyone equally.

See the full article here:

2. The second from DifferenceBetween.Info:

Differences between Leader and Boss ‘as listed by management books’:



Inspires employees Drives employees
Depends on respect and honor Depends on authority
Cares for your well-being Cares for your productivity level
Says ‘We’ Says ‘I’
Inspires enthusiasm Inspires fear
Gives credit Takes credit
Says ‘Let’s go’ Says ‘Go’
Asks Orders
Knows how it is done Shows how it is done

For the full article see:

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