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The Middle East, c.1789-c.1945

MUIC title: ICSO 239. The Middle East since 1800.
A lecture course by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Peter Smith.

Description: A short overview of the Middle East from c. 1789 up to c. 1945.

Course outline:


[1] Introduction.

[2] The Ottoman Empire up to c.1789.

II. 1789-1914.
[3]. The beginnings of change, 1789-c.1841.

[4] Egypt, 1841-1914.

[5] The Ottoman Empire, 1839-1914.

[6]. Arab Ottomans.

[7] Islamic responses.

[8] Iran up to 1914.

Mid-term exam.

III. 1914-1945.

[9]. World War I.

[10]. Independent Turkey.

[11] Iran.

[12]. The Arab world & the collapses of the Ottoman order.

[13] Egypt.

[14] Iraq & Transjordan.

[15] Syria & Lebanon.

[16] The rise of Saudi Arabia.

[17] Palestine.

[18] World War II & its aftermath.

Final exam.

Readings: The set text is William L. Cleveland and Martin Bunton.A History of the Modern Middle East. 5th ed. Boulder, Col.: Westview Press, 2012. [3rd edition — Cleveland only, 2004 also fine for this period]. Supplementary readings as assigned.

Details concerning course availability and scheduling from the Social Science Division, MUIC.

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