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World War I: Some links for students

  1. There is an excellent series of videos on WW1 produced by ‘The Great War’ channel on You-tube. The videos are well researched and cover an enormous range of material. The site is here:


  1. There is also a BBC series of short videos made by Dan Snow. I find them rather superficial but they can be entertaining.

2.1. This one shows why trench warfare was so essential given the murderous firepower of modern weaponry (and so led to a lengthy stalemate on the Western Front):

2.2. Here is another he did on tanks:


  1. Probably the best novel about WW1 was Erich Maria Remarque’s novel All Quiet on the Western Front(1929). It’s a powerful anti-war book and I strongly recommend it to my students. There have been two movie versions made – both worth seeing, but the second (1979) version is probably more accessible to modern audiences.

3.1. Here is my short summary (sorry for my awful German pronunciation):

3.2. Here is the famous French charge sequence from the 1930 movie, showing the horror of men running against machine gun emplacements:


  1. One of the most important artists to record the horrors of the war was Otto Dix. Here is a video of some of his paintings (WARNING! : You may find some of these images shocking and disturbing):


  1. On a lighter note, here is rap battle version of the origins of WW1:

& this on the war as a whole:


  1. This is a Facebook page I made with links on WW1:


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