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Responses to low birth rates

Whilst many countries continue to have high birth rates (& often high levels of youth unemployment), some now have birthrates which are too low to maintain their exiting population size.

Singpapore’s government-sponsored dating program — which I believe particularly targets graduates — is one response to the challange of low birthrates. Just this week i have seen 3 more:

  1. Korea. “Time to start making babies, South Korea urges its people”:–Z1bpRklEW_Z


2. Japan: “Japan’s huge sex problem is setting up a ‘demographic time bomb’ for the country”:

3. Denmark: “Denmark’s bizarre series of sex campaigns lead to baby boom”:

Add: & a 4th one from Italy

Italy begs women to have more babies for the sake of the nation, totally embarrasses the nation

The Italian article notes both that a massive number of young Italians are out of work — so would have little money to start a family, and that many companies automatically fire women employees when they get pregnant.



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