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My Advice to My Younger Self

I just posted this on Facebook and am reposting it here — “My advice to my younger self (& anyone else who finds any of this relevant)”. In no particular … Continue reading

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On Teaching English Skills in a Globalized World

One of my friends has been teaching English in Thailand for many years and has kindly allowed me to repost some of his recent observations on ‘how English could be … Continue reading

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Some Movies about Poland since World War I

Some Movies about Poland since World War I. 1. Katyń is a 2007 Polish film about the 1940 Katyn massacre, directed by Academy Honorary Award winner Andrzej Wajda. 2. Schindler’s … Continue reading

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Responses to low birth rates

Whilst many countries continue to have high birth rates (& often high levels of youth unemployment), some now have birthrates which are too low to maintain their exiting population size. … Continue reading

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Middle Eastern Languages

A useful set of videos on some of the languages of the Middle East (Kurdish is the main omission): Persian:   Arabic:   Maltese:   Turkish: reading

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World War I: Some links for students

There is an excellent series of videos on WW1 produced by ‘The Great War’ channel on You-tube. The videos are well researched and cover an enormous range of material. The … Continue reading

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Motivation and Finishing Projects

I just read “How Do I Motivate Myself to Finish Projects?”  by Milena Rangelov It’s a useful set of ideas to help us to finish projects. The reference is here:   … Continue reading

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